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Why payments fail

If your payment for your packages for Croatia Spring Break is declined, or if you make a manual payment that fails, it means something is wrong with the credit card or bank account you paid with. If this happens, you need to figure out what went wrong with the payment. Then fix any problem with your credit card company or bank and update your payment settings.

Here are common reasons payments fail and how to fix them:

1/ Credit card limit

Why your payment might have failed:

Your credit card limit was reached (insufficient funds)
Check your credit limit. You might have reached your daily or total credit card limit on the day you tried to make the purchase with your card. If this is the case, ask your credit card company to increase your limit. Or try again with another card with a higher limit.
The charge exceeded the maximum amount allowed for a single charge
Check the maximum amount your card can be charged at a single time. If the declined charge is higher than this amount, ask your credit card company to increase the limit.

Your card reached the maximum number of charges allowed in a period:
Check how many times your card can be charged in given time period. If you reached this amount, ask your bank to increase the limit, wait until your card can be charged again

Your card doesn’t accept charges from an online source
Make sure your card allows online transactions. If it doesn’t, talk to your credit card company about allowing these charges

Your card doesn’t allow international transactions
Make sure your card accepts international charges.
If none of these solutions works, contact us for help: info@croatiaspringbreak.com

2/ Incorrect credit card information

Why your payment might have failed

Wrong expiration date: Review the expiration date on your credit card. If your card expired, please contact your bank and ask for a new one.

Wrong credit card number: If you think you might have entered the wrong credit card number, or if the card number changed, close all the windows and tabs of your browser and start a new session, or try again with another browser.

Select the right Card: Please select your card type between MASTERCARD, VISA or MAESTRO

Wrong Security code: Check if you entered the correct security code.
The card security code is located on the back of MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit or debit cards and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip.
Billing address or phone number: Make sure that the telephone number and billing address you wrote are the correct ones

3/ Bank account problems

Here are the most common reasons for declined online credit card payments:

Insufficient funds: Check your balance to make sure you have sufficient cleared funds in your account

Billing address: Check the billing address you entered for your payment. For payments to succeed, maybe this address must exactly match the address your bank has on file.

If you have enough funds and your bank details and billing address are correct, contact your bank to learn why your payment was declined.

Temporary System problem:
A temporary systems problem may have prevented authorisation or the card details may have been input incorrectly, so it’s worth trying again.

Try with a new browser or open a new session:

Close all windows from your browser and start a new session, or start with another browser (we recommend using Mozilla or Chrome)

If your payment still doesn’t work, you can contact us by email: info@croatiaspringbreak.com or by phone: +385 98 93 688 25 and we will get back to you to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


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